National Conference

National Symposium on Emerging Trends in Electronics

NSETE - 2022

Organised by

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering,

GIET University, Gunupur, India

April 22nd - 23rd 2022


The "National Symposium on Emerging Trends in Electronics " will be held at Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, School of Engineering & Technology, GIET University, Gunupur, Odisha, India on April 22nd& 23rd, 2022. In this era of knowledge, the higher education institutes are not restricted just to knowledge transfer from teachers to students, but are also involved in knowledge assimilation, knowledge generation, and knowledge dissemination. The prime objective of NSETE-2022 is to bring experts, researchers and innovators from academia, R&D and industry in the related fields together and provide them a forum for knowing what is happening in the research arena (assimilation), identify and conceptualize new ideas (generation) and sharing their valuable findings and thoughts. The conference also aims to create research interest in the minds of young graduates to pursue research as their career. NSETE-2022 will facilitate and promote interdisciplinary research among researchers and help in reducing the gaps between different disciplines.